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Old and historic photographs

Welcome to Oldsnaps. Old snaps are all about history, an ever-expanding collection of historic photographs from some of history’s most significant events such as World War 1 and 2, the Vietnam war, U.S. Presidents and much more. Every Monday we update the site with new posts, depicting another historic event through pictures. It won’t be long paragraphs you have to spend hours reading, we know we can’t compete with Wikipedia and other wonderful media outlets, but instead we show history as it unfolds, through the eyes of the beholder, through a lens.

History’s most significant events

The point of view of this site is history, and we search databases long and hard to find the perfect photographs snapped decades ago, from some of history’s most significant times. Some of those are.

World War 2 photographs

We are expanding the collections of photographs from WW2 constantly, from both the perspective of the allied forces and the Nazis. From the happy moments of victory, to the devastating tragedies that had unfolded throughout the war. Some pictures might be sensitive, but we believe it’s important to show in order to not forget.

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World War 1 photographs

The first World War, one of the first and most significant wars that was depicted through a lens, showing the devastating events that had unfolded. The camera at the time was not fully developed, but regardless there are still a vast number of old photographs that has survived.

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The Vietnam war photographs

Not long after the end of World War 2, the Vietnam conflict between The United Stated and Vietnam escalated, resulting in The Vietnam War. With more bombs dropped in the Vietnam War than the entirety of WWII, it’s without doubt one of the deadliest wars in human history, and one of the best documented wars through the lens.

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